Print when one or more ink cartridges are depleted

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Print when one or more ink cartridges are depleted

The printer can still operate when the black ink cartridge or one or more color ink
cartridges are depleted, but it will print more slowly. Also, the quality of printed
documents might be affected.
The printer will not be able to print when both the black cartridge and a color cartridge
are depleted.

If the black cartridge is depleted, any black color in printed documents is created
using a combination of the remaining colors. As a result, blacks might not appear to
be as dark.

If a color cartridge is depleted, the printer will print in grayscale using the black

When possible, replace any depleted ink cartridges. For information about how to
install new ink cartridges, see Replace the ink cartridges.

CAUTION: While ink cartridges are not damaged when left outside of the printer,
the printhead does need to have all cartridges installed at all times after the printer
is set up and in use. Leaving one or more cartridge slots empty for an extended
period may lead to print quality problems and possibly damage the printhead. If you
have recently left a cartridge out of the printer for an extended period, or if you have
had a recent paper jam, and have noticed poor print quality, clean the printhead.
For more information, see Clean the printhead.

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