HP inkjet supplies recycling program

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HP inkjet supplies recycling program

Disposal of waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union

Power consumption

Chemical Substances

Battery information

EU battery directive

RoHS notices (China only)

RoHS notices (Ukraine only)

Paper use

This product is suited for the use of recycled paper according to DIN 19309 and EN 12281:2002.


Plastic parts over 25 grams are marked according to international standards that enhance the
ability to identify plastics for recycling purposes at the end of product life.

Material safety data sheets

Material safety data sheets (MSDS) can be obtained from the HP web site at:

Recycling program

HP offers an increasing number of product return and recycling programs in many countries/
regions, and partners with some of the largest electronic recycling centers throughout the world.
HP conserves resources by reselling some of its most popular products. For more information
regarding recycling of HP products, please visit:

HP inkjet supplies recycling program

HP is committed to protecting the environment. The HP Inkjet Supplies Recycling Program is
available in many countries/regions, and lets you recycle used print cartridges and ink cartridges
free of charge. For more information, go to the following web site:

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