Documents are missing or faded

background image

Documents are missing or faded

Check the media
The media might not meet Hewlett-Packard media specifications (for example, the
media is too moist or too rough). For more information, see Media specifications.

Check the settings
The quality setting of Fast (which produces draft-quality copies) might be
responsible for the missing or faded documents. Change to the Normal or Best

Check the original

The accuracy of the copy depends on the quality and size of the original. Use
the Copy menu to adjust the brightness of the copy. If the original is too light,
the copy might not be able to compensate, even if you adjust the contrast.

Colored backgrounds might cause images in the foreground to blend into the
background, or the background might appear in a different shade.

If you are copying a borderless original, load the original on the scanner glass,
not the ADF. For more information, see Load an original on the scanner glass.

If you are copying a photo, be sure to load it on the scanner glass as indicated
by the icon on the scan bed.