Before you begin

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You can set up the printer for wireless communication.
This section contains the following topics:

Before you begin

Set up the printer on your wireless network

Set up the printer using the HP printer software (Recommended)

Set up the printer using the Wireless Setup Wizard

Set up the printer using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS)

Set up the printer using the embedded web server (EWS)

Change the connection type

Test the wireless connection

Guidelines for ensuring wireless network security

Guidelines for reducing interference on a wireless network

NOTE: If you encounter problems connecting the printer, see Solve wireless problems

TIP: For more information about setting up and using the printer wirelessly, visit the HP
Wireless Printing Center (

Before you begin

Before you begin setting up the wireless connection, check the following:

The wireless network is set up and functioning correctly.

The printer and the computers that use the printer are on the same network (subnet).

While connecting the printer, you might be prompted to enter the wireless network name (SSID)
and a wireless password:

The wireless network name is the name of your wireless network.

The wireless password prevents other people from connecting to your wireless network
without your permission. Depending on the level of security required, your wireless network
might use either a WPA key or WEP passphrase.

If you have not changed the network name or the security passkey since setting up your wireless
network, you can sometimes find them on the back or side of the wireless router.
If you cannot find the network name or the security passkey or cannot remember this information,
see the documentation available with your computer or with the wireless router. If you still cannot
find this information, contact your network administrator or the person who set up the wireless

Network setup


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TIP: If you are using a computer running Windows, HP provides a tool called HP Home
Network Diagnostic Utility that can help retrieve this information for some systems. To use this
tool, visit the HP Wireless Printing Center (, and then click
Network Diagnostic Utility in the Quick Links section. (At this time, this tool might not be
available in all languages.)